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Setcor Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows you to use a complete computer infrastructure, from server to data center, without investing in your own equipment and paying as much as you use!

ITSoft provides Croatian companies IaaS rental of CPU, RAM, DISK space, network and security devices in a self-service portal that end-users can use resources as they want. This means that users can add resources for each VM as needed. No need to force to use prepared packages.



The Setcor infrastructure lease allows you to add new resources (processor, memory, disk) to your system with just a few clicks, or overwrite them when you no longer need them. Given that the service pays for spent resources, this way of managing your computer infrastructure will create tangible savings in business, and the simplicity of activating additional resources will allow you to timely react when you need new resources.

While in the “traditional” computer infrastructure, which companies themselves finance and maintain, it takes up to several weeks to react and expand the system; in Setcor infrastructure, your resource needs to be solved within a few minutes.


Complementary products include Backup, OS & DBs, mailboxes, next generation FWs, disk encryption, and compliance management.

Full details of the special GÉANT IaaS framework pricing can be found here

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