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Lattelecom Cloud Services

Lattelecom | Cloud is a service that provides companies with computing resources – Virtual Machines and Virtual Data Centers including networking, storage and data center space on a pay-per-use basis via site

Lattelecom Cloud description:

The service has been purpose-built for companies with high demands as regards reliability, performance and security of the virtualization infrastructure. The latest “VMware” virtualization technologies, best-of-breed physical infrastructure from HPE, Juniper Networking infrastructure and numerous other enterprise-class elements has been used as the basis for the Lattelecom Cloud platform.
All cloud components (Servers, Storage and Networking) are duplicated and Internet service is connected using resilient Fibre channels.
Lattelecom Cloud provides you all necessary tools to manage your Virtual resources and help you understand, control and predict your costs. Build your own Virtual Data Center without constructing a complex infrastructure and without making large investments in building, devices, equipment and software.
Lattelecom Cloud platform is located in the TIER III certified Data Center providing military-grade security. Security tools like FireWall, VPN channels, segmentation of customer’s networks are integrated into the Lattelecom Cloud infrastructure.
Lattelecom Cloud pay-as-you-go service model allows quickly scale up or down to match demand, so you only pay for what you use. It is possible to change the amount of used resources dynamically according to the business needs (for example, seasonality of business) without overpaying for the unused computing resources. Scale out behind the Lattelecom Cloud and gain the benefits of Private and Public clouds by leveraging a Hybrid cloud solution.
The customer can build his own IT infrastructure according to exact specifications and may take advantage of the Lattelecom SPLA licenses that enables one-click addition of commonly used software. Expert support and 24×7-customer service in English, Latvian, and Russian. IT infrastructure availability – 99.982% and high level platform design.

Lattelecom Cloud Products:

  • Virtual machines (VM)
  • Virtual Data Centre (vDC) Preconfigured
  • vDC Pay As You Go


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