Sparkle provides GÉANT with cloud solutions to support the pan-European research and education community. Cloud solutions will be offered by Sparkle together with TIM Nuvola Italiana and Amazon Web Services.

Who is eligible?

Almost all Research and Education institutions, including Universities, within 30 countries across Europe. In 12 countries Sparkle offers own cloud solutions as an Original Service Provider (OIP)

Eligible OIP countries: Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Austria, Croatia, France, Malta, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia

In the remaining 18 countries Sparkle resells Amazon Web Services
Eligible AWS countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom

What are the benefits of the framework agreement?

  • access to cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology under special commercial terms
  • no need to complete a full OJEU tender process for every new IaaS contract
  • higher discounts that are only available under this framework agreement
  • one-stop availability of Amazon Web Services and Sparkle’s Cloud Solutions
  • Sparkle will provide a direct network peering between GÉANT and its own data centers, reducing data transport-related costs, and data egress waiver.
  • Federated single sign on – Sparkle is already registered in the IDEM in eduGAIN Federations to allow cloud service authentication through eduGAIN, the global research and education infrastructure for single sign on access.

What SPARKLE offers to GÉANT framework customers

  • 24×7 Service Desk which including a Contact Center and a Cloud Competence Center.
  • Direct network peering between GÉANT and its own data centers
  • Under this framework, SPARKLE offers discounts based on an aggregated monthly spending from all GÉANT customers
  • AWS data egress cost waiver (which means that when you use us you’re automatically enrolled in the AWS data egress program)
  • Cloud migration services and planning workshops, through partners
  • Customer management portal for Self Data Center and AWS (coming soon)

Self Data Center offer

Self Data Center is Sparkle’s cloud computing offering that allows customers to create and manage autonomously a Virtual Data Center. The service is based on VMware vCloud Director technology built on fully redundant physical infrastructure, as well as on virtualization software with high availability services (HAS), implemented on the network component virtualized VMware NSX.

The access to the Internet network is built with redundant and several channels to 20Gbit / sec + 20Gbit / sec.

The service is offered in two profiles:

  • Allocation Pool provides a logic of Virtual Private Cloud computing resources logically reserved for the customer that are paid through a monthly fee regardless of usage
  • Pay-as-you-go is a totally Usage Based Profile: Pay Only Resources and Features You Actually Use Depending on Your Server Status (On / Off)


The TIM Nuvola It Self Data Center solution is serviced in Telecom Italia data centers in the Area of Milan – Rozzano – Italy, and SPARKLE-GR primary data center is located in the area of Metamorfosis, and Koropi, Athens, Greece.

Amazon AWS (Amazon EC2)

EC2 is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale cloud computing easier for developers. Please refer to for a detailed EC2 description. You’re given access to an AWS account through the AWS console. This is the gateway to the complete range of AWS services, and enables you to get the most out of the platform.
Location. The service is available for GÉABNT users from the AWS regions of Ireland, Germany and England.

Who is Sparkle?

Sparkle is a leading global telecommunication service provider, offering a complete range of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Voice solutions designed to meet the ever changing needs of Fixed and Mobile Operators, ISPs, OTTs, Media & Content Players, Application Service Providers and Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Sparkle, is the international service-arm of TIM Group and among top 10 global telecom operators, provides hybrid cloud, enabled by own data centres, networking services, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as reseller.


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