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Scientific computing: cloud support for science

Digitization provides fresh impetus and inspiration across all scientific fields. In particular, scalable, rapidly provisioned cloud-based services form the basis for managing the flood of data generated by research. There is also the added factor of a greater risk of hacking of infrastructures at research institutes and universities. There are repeatedly security incidents and related burdens on systems, resulting in a serious impairment to normal processes.

Cloud users in research and education therefore need an environment for scientific computing which ensures maximum data protection, is available at all times, even when peak loads have to be handled, meets all legal requirements and also does not mean the institute is dependent on one provider for a long period of time.

T-Systems’ cloud services: flexible, secure, highly available

T-Systems’ cloud services are hosted in highly secure cloud data center. The flexible solution will provide researchers in the future with IT capacities from the public cloud in a timely and needs-based manner. Computing, storage, network, security and management services can be added and removed as required within a matter of minutes. In addition, the Open Telekom Cloud and the DSI vCloud offers IT availability of at least 99.95 percent as well as compliance “made in Germany”. The cloud services fulfill strict German requirements for data security and data protection since all data, contracts and services are subject to German law.

The IaaS framework agreement offers DFN members a wide range of benefits, such as unlimited and easy to deploy resources, compliance with German federal and state legislation on data privacy, simple resource ordering authorized by the respective member institution, and affordable, discounted, pay-per-use pricing. To complement cloud resources, T-Systems provides a comprehensive set of further services, such as security and access. Additional value-added services – containers, back-up, and more – are available through its ecosystem.

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