The leader in cloud app analytics and policy enforcement. Only the Netskope Active PlatformTM eliminates the catch-22 between being agile and being secure and compliant by providing complete visibility, enforcing sophisticated policies, and protecting data in cloud apps.

With Netskope, people get their favorite cloud apps and the business can move fast, with confidence.We believe that people and companies should be able to collaborate without limits, working safely across apps, devices, and locations. We have created a new kind of security platform that is content- and context-aware, action-oriented, and built from the ground up for today’s cloud.

On top of that platform, we have developed solutions that will enable enterprises to secure both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services, protect sensitive data across the cloud, and stop the most advanced online threats. Our platform and solutions empower people with security designed for how they work, without slowing them down.

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