edu Zone EZInfrastructure


At Edu Zone, we offer you rental of everything you need, when you need it. At your disposal are servers(hardware), server space, networking devices, data centre space, IP addresses, bandwidth and alike. Together with our partners we provide simple Iaas platforms compatible with all major operating systems, based on bare-metal and/or virtual technologies.

As we provide custom designed Cloud services for the Research & Education Community, Edu Zone offers the ability to rent as much or as little as you may need, at any given time. We consider scalability very important, therefore all the resources used can be adjusted upon request, depending on whether you need to scale up or down. This eliminates delays in expanding, just as it eliminates wastage of unused resources, thus making our Clouds highly cost as well as work effective.

Contracting us, you no longer need to invest in expensive hardware as we are the ones who set it up, provide system maintenance and back up solutions.

With Edu Zone, you are no longer location or device restricted, all you need is access to the Internet and your EduGAIN account details. It really is that easy, so simplify your life!

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