Microsoft Azure Training

Thinking of moving your core services into the Azure cloud?  Want to find out developing on Azure? Concerned about security and resilience? Or just want to find out more about how Azure can support you?

On-demand – Learn what you want, when you want

This set of on-demand webinars will help provide the ideal start to learning about Azure and Research and Education

 Microsoft Azure On-Demand Webinars
 GÉANT Showcase 

An Introduction To Microsoft Azure HPC services

 Watch Now
 Overview of Azure  Empower IT and developer productivity with Microsoft Azure  Watch Now
 Azure fundamentals: Storage  Microsoft Azure for IT Pros. Explore the basics of how Azure Storage works, along with how to manage it using the UI, PowerShell, and external tools  Watch Now
 Azure fundamentals: Azure Networking  High-performance data center expansion with Azure Networking  Watch Now
 Azure fundamentals: Azure Virtual Machines  Master VMs in Microsoft Azure Resource Manager  Watch Now
 Azure Security Center   Everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure security  Watch Now
 Azure reporting & cost  insight/management  Manage and optimize your cloud spend with Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5: Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery  Business continuity for your business running in IaaS  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5: Datacentre transformation  Datacenter transformation – a roadmap for platforms, processes, and people  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5:
Redhat on Azure
 Manage and optimize your cloud spend with Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5:
SAP on Azure
 Learn all about running multi-terabyte SAP HANA infrastructure on Microsoft Azure  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5: Dev/Test & DevOps  DevOps for any language and any platform  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5:
Web and Mobile Apps
 Building innovative apps using the Microsoft Developer Platform  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5:
Big Data and Data Warehousing
 Data on Azure: The big picture  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5: IoT  Overview of how Azure can help with your IoT solution  Watch Now
 Azure 10/Data 5: Business Analytics and AI  Using big data, the cloud, and AI to enable intelligence at scale  Watch Now
Azure Active Directory Azure Active Directory and Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0 Identity Providers  Watch Now
Moodle on Azure Learn about best practices and learnings as it relates to running Moodle on the Cloud!  Watch Now
Azure Lab Services Join Ji Eun Kwon from Microsoft to learn about the recent launch of Azure Lab Services, which enables educators to easily create a computer lab in the cloud!  Watch Now