Google Cloud Platform

Transforming the future of research and education

Through the GÉANT Preferential Quotation agreement, we’re expanding support for academic researchers at GÉANT member institutions, enabling them to leverage the benefits of  Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our suite of cloud solutions for storage, compute, big data, and machine learning.  

Benefits of the PQ agreement for all GÉANT members include: data egress waivers, special educational pricing, single sign-on support through SAML2,  negotiated terms of service, and exclusive training and deployment offers.

Getting started with Google Cloud Platform

GCP is available to GÉANT member institutions through Google Cloud premier partner, Cloud Technology Solutions (CTS), one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure experts.

To get started, email

Learn about institutions and researchers using GCP

Learn how institutions like the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), Stanford, Columbia, University of Michigan and Emory are leveraging the power of Google Cloud Platform to ask more questions, faster, than they could ever do before.

Scaling your HPC workloads on GCP

High performance and technical computing is all about scale and speed. When you’re backed by Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, you can accelerate your most complex HPC workloads’ time to completion. Competitive pricing and discounts help your institution focus on doing its best teaching, learning, and research. Google Cloud offers on-demand access to custom machine configurations that are billed on a per-second basis with committed use discounts and sustained use discounts available. Plus, get up to 80% cost-savings with Preemptible VMs. Learn more.

Training and resources

Visit for resources that can help you learn about Google Cloud Platform. Get hands-on practice at and access the Teacher Training Center which allows free access to Coursera and Qwiklabs.

Technical Support

Learn more about the various support packages with Google Cloud Platform at

Why choose Google Cloud Platform?

  • Commitment to Openness – Co-innovation, interoperability, and portability are integral to a future-proof architecture
  • Powerful Data & Analytics – Tap into big data and machine learning to find answers faster, build better products and fuel amazing applications.
  • Innovative Infrastructure – Google’s global network has thousands of miles of fiber optic cable and uses advanced software-defined networking to deliver fast, consistent and scalable performance.
  • More Security at Scale – Deploy on an infrastructure protected by more than 700 top experts in information, application and network security.

Find out more, download our 
GCP for Research Overview

Apply for teaching and research credits

Whether your focus is research, teaching or entrepreneurship, you can use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to go farther, faster. GCP is a suite of cloud solutions for storage, compute, big data, and machine learning. Apply now for free credits towards any GCP products for your teaching or academic research needs.

Faculty Grants

Guide learning with greater freedom using GCP, the cloud platform that gives you and your classes unlimited opportunities to explore and create. Faculty can sign up for free GCP Education Grants to use for teaching classes in computer science and related fields

Tech partners and resellers

Contact our Technology Partners for assistance with the Google Cloud Platform