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OCRE Success Story: Leiden University – Pushing the frontiers in housing market research

A new success story showcasing the adoption and use of commercial cloud solutions has been published by the OCRE project. The adopter is Leiden University who was facing critical computational challenges in analysing terabytes of housing platform data to better understand search behaviour of potential house buyers. The computational challenges and storage issues have been overcome by using the Google Cloud Platform and more precisely cloud services related to storage and advanced analytics; that is, Google Cloud Storage (IaaS) and Google BigQuery (SaaS). These solutions have saved Leiden University from having to set up its own IT infrastructure and made it possible to do a complex big data project with modest means. This case demonstrates...

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A1 Macedonia

A1 Exoscale was recently added to the OCRE Cloud Catalog. This means that Macedonian educational and research institutions now have the opportunity to use reliable and powerful A1 Exoscale cloud services very quickly and without their own great administrative effort. This development is tantamount to a paradigm shift in the use of IT infrastructures in the R&D community: Research requires extremely fast computer and server capacities in order to be able to exchange current results sometimes even in real time. In line with the European cooperation model, more cross-border co-research is being conducted. And with increasing pressure on the institutions in questions of funding projects and research teams through state or European funding...

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Logicalis GmbH (Germany)

Oracle Cloud Services for OCRE With its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle offers a license-compliant cloud architecture whose services are simple, secure, scalable and highly available. Logicalis supports and advises you on your way to the cloud so that your IT infrastructure remains future-proof and secure. Research projects often require IT infrastructure solutions that are flexible allowing for scalability upwards and downwards for specified period. Cloud solutions offer a viable solution, as resources can be utilised according to the requirements. In this way, project costs can be reduced with the simultaneous introduction of innovative applications and services.The Oracle Cloud solutions offers a comprehensive service portfolio in...

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Micromail Ltd

Our priority is providing solutions, not licenses.

We’ve been helping companies navigate their software journeys for over 30 years. The landscape changes but our focus on client outcomes remains stubbornly the same.

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