Success Stories: GÉANT Cloud Services in Conjunction with OCRE

OCRE Success Story: Developing a new approach for the study of archaeological sites thanks to OCRE’s Earth Observation vouchers

The new-born “Digital Technologies for Aerospace” sector at the CRS4 Research Center in Sardinia, Italy, applies their deep know-how on integrating digital technologies with aerospace technologies to different application domains, including archaeology.

In particular, one of their projects in this field focuses on defining a methodology that would allow to assess in advance the need of excavation activities for specific areas, through the pervasive use of remote sensing technologies.

Thanks to OCRE’s Earth Observation voucher for the Planetek Rheticus Platform, researchers at CRS4 will now be able to overcome the challenges related to the extraction, analysis and elaboration of large amounts of data resulting from the application of different detection techniques, simplifying and accelerating their path towards achieving results.

Read the full success story on the OCRE website:

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