CloudFerro AB

CloudFerro, CREODIAS platform operator, is a qualified OCRE supplier for all European countries.

Researchers and scientists can now profit from cloud solutions using public cloud to run their projects on a remote, reliable and safe infrastructure that gives opportunity to easily access projects and dataset allowing to disseminate results in a simple way.

The CloudFerro offer as part of the OCRE project

  • CLOUD SERVICES - wide range of cloud computing services, open source based, available immediately on the CREODIAS platform, including: VMs, Dedicated Servers, GPU, Kubernetes, large data storage and sharing, with direct access to GÉANT network;
  • ACCESS TO EO DATA - unlimited, local access to the largest satellite EO data repository in Europe, with over 28PB of data, at no additional cost, including the possibility of on-site data processing in the cloud;
  • SUPPORT - premium technical support at no extra charge
    • help in getting started with cloud, problem solving,
    • access to large knowledge base, tutorials, FAQs,
    • online and on-demand webinars.

CloudFerro is available to Research and Education in these countries

Ready to Go?

Before institutions can take advantage of the GÉANT 2020 Cloud Framework by OCRE, they need to be verified by their local NREN. Please complete the verification form.

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