WebRTC videoconference in 4K quality

GÉANT demonstration at the NORDUnet Conference

The combination of the open WebRTC framework and relatively inexpensive 4K equipment opens up new possibilities for end users to use very high resolution videoconferences in everyday meetings.

As a result of research within the GÉANT clouds and real time communications project, PSNC (The Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center) was able to demonstrate the 4K WebRTC technology at the NORDUnet Conference in Helsinki. A bi-directional 4K WebRTC videoconference connection was established, and a WebRTC application was run in a tuned web browser. The onsite setup consisted of two nodes equipped with 4K cameras and 4K TV displays.

The setup worked according to plan, and created interest among the audience. For more information, contact idzik@man.poznan.pl.

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