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Microsoft Azure – the perfect choice for Education and Research

Microsoft Azure is the perfect choice for research and education.It allows quick and easy access to very powerful computing environments where complex data can be analysed, stored and shared easily and securely.It also gives researchers access to tools which can turn data into insights and enable them to collaborate with others quickly and securely to accelerate discovery.

Find out more about how Microsoft Azure is being used to propel Research here and read more about our Cloud computing guide for researchers here.

Microsoft Azure has more regions than any other cloud provider

As Microsoft has the largest global footprint of data centers in the industry, using Microsoft Azure also enables institutions to expand their existing data center with Microsoft Cloud enabling global expansion of unrivaled scale. Customers can draw resources on-demand and pay only for the usage therefore helping them avoid upfront capital outlays and allow the growth of IT capabilities on an as-needed basis. Customers can explicitly choose which regions to deploy and store their data according to local privacy, security, or compliance requirements. Find out more here.

90% of Fortune 500 Companies use the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft’s time-tested approach to privacy is grounded in our commitment to give customers control over the collection, use, and distribution of customer data.

Find out more about our commitment to data privacy here and how Microsoft Azure can help customers stay focussed on their core business while efficiently becoming compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Find out more here.

Trust the cloud that helps protect your work

To help organizations comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of individuals’ data, Microsoft provides the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings (including certifications and attestations) of any cloud service provider. Find out more here.

To protect our customers, we embed security, privacy, and compliance into our development methodology. Microsoft Azure has been recognized as the most trusted cloud for U.S. government institutions, earning a FedRAMP High authorization that covers 18 Azure services. Plus, Azure IP Advantage provides best-in-industry intellectual property protection, so our customers can focus on innovation and discovery.

Microsoft Azure delivers unmatched hybrid capabilities

Microsoft provide seamless, secure hybrid cloud capabilities across infrastructure, data, users, apps, and management. Find out more here. With Microsoft Azure, customers can take the investments they’ve made in data and intellectual property, and extend from on-premises to the cloud, or vice versa. Microsoft Azure provides the portability to move technology investments, whether open source or not, from cloud to on-premises and vice versa. Consistency helps reduce the risk and cost of a hybrid cloud environment by enabling a common set of skills and offering portability of applications and workloads. Microsoft Azure offers hybrid consistency everywhere: in application development, management and security, identity management, and across the data platform. And you can even save up to 40 percent when migrating Windows Server virtual machines to Microsoft Azure using the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit.

Accelerate discovery and innovation with unmatched intelligence

Microsoft Azure is the only public cloud that provides Cognitive APIs, Bots, Machine Learning, and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) capabilities for developers and data scientists. Build intelligent solutions at scale by pairing these capabilities with powerful GPU-based compute to accelerate deep learning, enable HPC simulations, and conduct real-time data analytics using Azure N-Series Virtual Machines.

Special pricing for Microsoft Azure now available through the GÉANT framework:

We are delighted to bring these many benefits and opportunities to the research and education community across the EMEA region through the GÉANT framework agreement which builds on our strong partnership with GÉANT and the NREN community.

Following a highly competitive and successful pan-European IaaS tender, carried out by GÉANT and the NRENs, Microsoft Azure will be offered via the GÉANT Cloud Catalogue through 10 Microsoft resellers across EMEA. The 10 resellers awarded under the Framework are: Atea, Cacttus, Comparex, Dom-Daniel, Infosoft, Micromail, Nextsense, Axians, SoftwareOne and Span.

The framework agreements with these resellers benefits institutes using Microsoft Azure in the following ways:

  • Institutions can buy and use Microsoft Azure directly, without the need for complex and time-consuming tenders and contract procedures; and benefit from volume discounts.
  • Framework contracts are compliant with EU privacy and data security regulations.
  • Users can login to the Microsoft Azure services using single sign-on (SSO), via their institutional identity management solutions.
  • Significantly reduced network traffic costs, with Microsoft Azure services connected to the high – performance data networks provided by GÉANT and its NREN partners.
  • Support in moving workloads to Microsoft Azure.
  • Leverage existing Microsoft licensing arrangements for BYOL (bring your own licensing).
  • Enterprise cloud management tools enabling control, oversight and delegation to a community of users and group.

Top workloads on Microsoft Azure and more:

Here are just some of the top workloads on Azure. Find a full list here.

  • Virtual Machines - Access to powerful computing environments, fast
  • Storage - Durable, highly available and massively scalable cloud storage for your research data
  • Network Connectivity - Expanding existing data center with Microsoft Cloud and simpler management
  • Website and WebApp Hosting - Build, deploy and maintain Websites and Apps
  • Data Sharing - Collaborate, build communities around research results and accelerate the speed of discovery
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - Ensure work continuity without the expense of secondary infrastructure
  • Cortana Intelligence Suite - Turn Research data into Insights
  • IoT Suite - Fully realize benefits of a connected world
  • Security - 20 years of experience and expertise
  • Privacy and Compliance - The largest compliance portfolio in the industry

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Microsoft Azure is offered via the GÉANT Cloud Catalogue through 10 Microsoft resellers.

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Microsoft Azure is available through
10 Microsoft resellers.