Resource Library

The GÉANT Clouds Team has developed a range of resources and materials to help NRENs understand the opportunities for cloud services.



  • GÉANT IaaS Framework Cookbook – The cloud team has put together a cookbook for the IaaS framework agreement. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to use the framework agreements, and is designed to help the NREN cloud service delivery managers enroll, adopt and provide IaaS services to their community. (PDF)
  • Cloud Implementation using Open Nebula – Cloud computing is one of the hot topics that we hear about every day, and is becoming more and more popular. In this best-practice document, we discuss how to create a private cloud with an open solution and technology. (PDF)
  • Cloud Strategy Guide for Institutions – Universities and research institutions must adopt a strategic approach to ensure successful cloud services adoption in order to meet strong demand for IT-supported research and education. This guide is to help policymakers navigate the evolution of technology from traditional forms to cloud-based online services in order to define a clear strategy on cloud services provisioning. (PDF)
  • NREN Cloud Strategy – The GÉANT Cloud Strategy Guide was prepared to support NRENs in formulating cloud adoption strategies. The full document or subsections can be downloaded below.Topics covered include strategy, brokering, integration and mobile platforms. (PDF)
  • Cloud Requirements – By aggregating demand across the community and negotiating integrated brokerage, framework contracts, terms and conditions of use, NRENs and the research and education community will be able to get the best possible value from cloud services. As part this efforts, GÉANT has prepared documentation that highlights the appropriate right conditions of use needed to engage. (PDF)
  • Cloud Data Classification Tool – When developing or migrating services to the cloud it is vital you understand the data implications. GÉANT has developed a tool to help you identify any potential issues with cloud migrations (Link)

Case Studies

  •  Cloud Data Classification Tool – SeLCont have used to GÉANT Data Classification Tool to maintain the security of their e-learning content.  Find out more here. SeLCont Case Study. (pdf)

Brochures, Maps, Leaflets and Events Materials


  • IaaS – The Norwegian Way (PDF)
  • IaaS  Framework Agreements general presentation (PDF)
  • Cloud Power – Results of the GÉANT 3+ project (PDF)
  • GÉANT Cloud Activity Standard Presentation – How European NRENs are working together on clouds (PDF)