2020 IaaS+ Framework Agreement Cookbook: recipes for successful cloud adoption

Following the recent developments in the OCRE Project, the GÉANT cloud team released a cookbook providing guidance to NRENs and their connected institutions on the use of the 2020 IaaS+ Framework Agreement.

The Cookbook explains the basics of how the Framework operates, outlines its benefits, offers a step by-step description of roles, illustrates how to adopt the Framework and how to start the provisioning of procured cloud services using one of three available methods. Finally, it summarises the GÉANT support available to NRENs at all stages of cloud services deployment, from initial specifications and design to service portfolio rollout.

The guide is primarily aimed at the Cloud Service Delivery Managers appointed by European NRENs and their member institutions, while it also serves as guidance for NRENs supporting their institutions in performing compliant call-offs.

Visit the GÉANT Clouds website to read and download the Cookbook:

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