An Eye on Real-time WebRTC Service for Research, Education and Arts Communities

An exciting development from the GÉANT project is the successful launch of the eduMEET WebRTC web-conferencing platform. Designed and developed within the GÉANT project, eduMEET is the result of a comprehensive and transverse approach to video conferencing.

Created by the research community for the research community, eduMEET offers a compelling alternative to commercial solutions.

The goal of eduMEET is to significantly simplify real-time communication for the Research, Education and Arts communities. The browser-based conferencing tool runs without the need to install additional clients or plugins. Only a web-browser, microphone and simple web-camera are needed to start using the eduMEET service. eduMEET supports both desktop and mobile devices, dependent only on a web browser that supports WebRTC.

Highlighted features, of particular interest to R&E organisations include distributed STUN/TURN infrastructure to overcome firewall and NAT obstacles and monitoring, statistics and testing modules to assess the performance.

eduMEET is an open source, easy to use, and affordable video conferencing service that delivers a high level of security (no spy-ware, external recorders, chat analysers).

Information on the beta and service development can be found at

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