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AWS Cloud Security Webinar: Cloud Security, Myths & Opportunities

17 October 13:00 CET

There are many myths relating to cloud security which can deter using considering the advantages of cloud computing for their operations or research. This webinar will address these concerns and identify the opportunities that cloud services bring.

The webinar will be led by Tim Rains, Amazon Web Services’ Regional Leader for Security and Compliance in Europe, Africa. Tim helps federal, regional and local governments understand the security requirements of cloud services.

This webinar will cover the following areas.

  • Myth: Attacks are getting more advanced
  • Myth: On-premises IT is more secure than the Cloud
  • Myth: Data Residency Means Better Security
  • Opportunity: The Cloud Offers Higher Levels of Security Assurance
  • Opportunity: The Pace of Innovation in the Cloud

To register for the webinar please click here.  The URL for the webinar is

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