Community Cloud

Working Together to Provide a Hybrid Cloud Platform for Research and Education

The GÉANT Cloud Flow (GCF) platform, available in the form of a software package, is now available to enable the first pilot implementations in the research community.

The first cross-border containerized community cloud offering provides a hybrid cloud platform for the Research & Education community by allowing NRENs and Institutions to aggregate their cloud infrastructures to manage them as a secure, robust and flexible integrated cloud platform. The platform allows researchers to define and implement compute resources and workflows within a single, unified and easy to use dashboard integrated with eduGAIN AAI.

For NRENs 

NRENs can install the GÉANT Cloud Flow software package to the current cloud assets and start delivering container cloud resources to their institutions.

For Institutions  

Institutions can deploy the GÉANT Cloud Flow platform  to their current campus infrastructure allowing their internal IT team to offer container cloud resources to their researchers.

For Researchers 

The GÉANT Cloud Flow platform enables you to define and implement compute resources using a single easy-to-use dashboard. The workflows you define will be executed on the available resources, whether that be local or shared with your NREN.

Typical use cases for GÉANT Cloud Flow 

  • Natural language processing analysing qualitative surveys)
  • Chemistry, physics (virtual labs for constructions, molecule reactions)
  • Meteorology (weather & climate simulations)
  • Earth Observation (earthquakes, simulations of satellite data, including archaeology)

GÉANT Cloud Flow Platform Beta Programme

The beta programme will be delivered on resources hosted in GARR, CSC and GRNET.

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