GÉANT Cloud Survey 2023

The GÉANT Cloud Survey is a vital way for the GÉANT Cloud Team to gather important input from GÉANT member NRENs and their member institutions. This input helps the team to assist NRENs and higher education and research institutions in procuring cloud-based services and products that meet users’ needs and are uniquely suited to the community’s requirements, and to curate and develop cloud-based community platforms and tools.

Complete the GÉANT Cloud Survey 2023

The GÉANT cloud team needs data on institutions’ plans and needs and local factors in each country and NREN in order to:

  • Curate and develop optimal products and services that meet the community’s needs
  • Provide the best possible support to NRENs and R&E institutions
  • Prepare for the follow-on 2024 GÉANT Cloud Framework tender

The deadline for completing the survey is 7 April 2023.

We encourage NRENs and their connected institutions to provide a single unified response per organisation. Please coordinate your answers with all relevant colleagues, such as CTOs, Cloud Service Delivery Managers, legal specialists, procurement specialists, researcher IT support. Additionally, we invite to share the link to the survey with other relevant contacts at GÉANT member NRENs and connected institutions, in order for the survey’s results to truthfully reflect the broad and diverse R&E landscape.

The survey is completely anonymous and brief and should only take a few minutes to complete.

The main findings of the survey will be shared at the GÉANT Cloud Forum for NRENs and via this website. Country-specific results can be prepared on request.

Complete the GÉANT Cloud Survey 2023



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