Global Cloud Usage Survey

Make an impact on the future of cloud adoption

Leading research infrastructure players and industry experts are cooperating on defining future efforts and setting the pace of global public cloud adoption, usage and best practices across diverse geographies, organizations and industries. For the first time data is being collected on a global scale, to analyze public cloud usage, the different ways it is being used, the reasons for migrating to public cloud services and the challenges organizations face. This unique collaboration is spearheaded by the EuropeClouds, GÉANT and Cloud Security Alliance.

To make the data more meaningful, we need you!

Please take a few minutes to answer the Global Cloud Adoption Survey. The more data we have, the more impact the results will have. You can help the alliance affect the changes and set global cloud adoption on the right course.

Here is the survey link:

The survey will be closed on September 30, 2020.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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