Introducing Orange Business Services

As an official partner in the Open Cloud for Research Environments (OCRE), we are excited to offer our cloud services to the GÉANT community.

Flexible Engine is a high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure from Orange Business Services, one of Europe’s largest digital services providers.

Data is at the heart of research, and Flexible Engine provides all of the tools necessary for your research needs:

A wide array of virtual machines, including high performance GPU flavours.

  • Database, data management and AI platforms, to help you store, manage and extract key
  • Access to earth observation data collected from the Copernicus European Satellite
  • With over 50 features and services already available, and more to come, Flexible Engine empowers teams with all the features and services they need to build, analyse and


A trusted cloud for Europe

At Orange Business Services we understand that data security can be a key concern. We are here to help you navigate this dynamic terrain. You can be safe in the knowledge that your most sensitive data is safe with us. We offer European hosting via 6 data centers located in Europe, European contact, and European compliance, and all the features you need to ensure your data security.

Orange is also a founding member of GAIA-X and a pivotal contributor

to developing guidelines and core services for a new federated, open data infrastructure in Europe.

Innovate out of the box with AI

AI can transform scientific research by sifting through vast amounts of data and analyzing data sets for invaluable insight. ModelArts is a one-stop AI platform that offers research teams all the tools needed to:

  • Prepare and label data, across multiple data types including
  • Train models on GPU enabled

computing flavours.

  • Manage and deploy models as a
  • ModelArts is accessible to all expertise levels, with a no-code graphical interface as well as support for jupyter notebooks and AI development

Built for research

Flexible Engine is fully aligned with the OCRE initiative, and offers members access to special discounts, workshops and webinars, direct connectivity with GEANT network as well as professional services, on-site support and cloud coaches.

Learn more at www.ocre-, or contact our teams at for a free trial.


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