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Successful Cloud & IaaS Workshop at EaPEC 2018 Conference

Despite the heavily armed security detail watching over President Erdoğan’s departure and the blocked roads surrounding the venue, nearly 20 curious participants joined GÉANT Cloud Team members Maria Ristkok, Jiří Navrátil and Darko Paric for the “Clouds and IaaS” Workshop at the EaPEC 2018 conference held on 18th October 2018 in Chisinau, Moldova. Talk about a hard act to follow!

The two-hour workshop covered a brief introduction to cloud technology in general, the GÉANT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) framework, and the roles of National Research and Education Networks (NRENS), cloud architects and users. The combination of general and technical presentations, alongside real-life examples and use cases led to lively discussions on the importance of finding the right mix of cloud services and on-prem deployments that is right for each institution. The well-attended workshop focused on the benefits cloud services bring to the table and generated a lot of interest on the GÉANT Cloud offering.

The second half of the workshop focused on use cases practical guidelines and technical examples. This included an overview of GÉANT framework experience with different vendor environments, what they look like, processes, steps toward implementation and the different roles and user levels.

Videos and presentations can be found at the Introduction Session web page and the Reports from the Workshops page.

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