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Higher education and academic research are creating the world´s future!

Data and digitalisation are transforming the entire higher education and research sector. Institutions must adapt to a new breed of students, educators and researchers as the demand for information increases rapidly.

It is imperative to modernise the technology, operations and administration behind education and research institutions to meet new challenges including:

  • Students’ expectations for personalised, mobile, consumer-like experiences, enabling them to learn at their own pace, when they want and where they want
  • Interdisciplinary research teams managing uber data sets with millions, or even billions of data points, and collaborating globally
  • The ability to effectively serve different audiences using numerous devices that tax campus networks already choked by simultaneous demands for speed, storage and hefty downloads

To reach new levels of innovation and efficiency, institutions should move to the cloud.

Oracle as Your Cloud Vendor

With more than 30 years of experience in academia and over 11,000 higher education customers, Oracle has a history of success in helping institutions around the world enrich research, learning and operational experiences with innovative cloud solutions.

Oracle offers enterprise class and scale capabilities across the cloud – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS – designed to create a secure, reliable, and modern portfolio of mission-critical capabilities. It represents the industry’s most complete offering, perfectly suited for complex and high-speed computer-based research, operations management, and scaling up to meet peak needs. Beyond outstanding performance, fortified security and seamless integration, the Oracle Cloud can also facilitate machine learning initiatives with built-in AI and natural language processing, as well as fuel blockchain-verified records management to combat fraud.

Oracle can help your university make the grade with:

  • A clear path to legacy system migration
  • Expansive storage with near-infinite scale and bursting capabilities
  • Unified management with comprehensive visibility and control
  • Support for multiple applications, languages and operating systems
  • Top-to-bottom security across multiple tech layers

Oracle Cloud Platform and Infrastructure provides the broadest set of open and standards-based tools on the market, spanning data management, application development, integration, analytics and big data, systems management, and security.

Oracle Autonomous Database marks the culmination of four decades of technology innovation with the integration of machine learning. This dramatically transforms how higher education and research institutions can innovate by simplifying processes, reducing inefficiencies, and free their resources to focus on innovation. Oracle Autonomous Database is:

  • Self-driving to automatically provision, secure, monitor, backup, recover, tune and upgrade
  • Self-securing to automatically apply security patches with no downtime
  • Self-repairing to maximise uptime and productivity with up to 99.995% availability, which is less than 2.5 minutes of both planned and unplanned downtime a month

Oracle Autonomous Database can help you significantly reduce costs and risks while accelerating innovation.

Case Studies

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) serves as the foundational infrastructure layer for Autonomous Database and across all applications and platform services. It is specifically architected to provide the performance predictability, security, governance, and transparency required to support traditional, mission-critical, and performance-intensive workloads usually found in on-premises environments, along with cloud-native and mobile apps.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities gain ease of use and performance with Autonomous Database: Watch the video

CERN uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Watch the video

Find Out More

To learn more about Oracle Cloud offerings, please visit , contact or your local Oracle sales representative.

Oracle and R&E

In addition to providing critical applications and technology solutions to thousands of education and research organisations worldwide; Oracle has a long-standing tradition of supporting and partnering with academic research institutions through other programs.

  • Oracle for Research offers researchers, scientists and university-associated innovators access to Oracle Cloud technology and a global community working to address complex problems and drive meaningful change in the world. This programme provides free Oracle cloud credits and technical resources to qualified applicants.
  • Oracle Labs seeks to identify, explore, and transfer new technologies; investing in research collaborations with faculty, research directors, and principal investigators at universities, labs and non-profit research organisations worldwide.
  • Oracle Academy advances computing education globally by offering a complete portfolio of education resources for teaching and not-for-profit academic research to more than 6 million students in 128 countries.

Furthermore Oracle is active in major industry groups like Internet2, EDUCAUSE, EUNIS and HEUG; and shares innovations through participation in groups such as IMS Global and PESC.

Benefits Via the Catalogue

Using the Oracle R&E cloud programme offers the following benefits;

  • Reduce operating costs while enabling the launch of innovative applications and services
  • Protect proprietary information through enhanced cybersecurity features
  • Use the power of big data to deliver insights and predict future needs
  • Automate the use of chatbots for instant engagement through mobile cloud services
  • Store vast quantities of data from sensors, metering devices, and other sources
  • Scale up and down as projects generate fluctuating amounts of data
  • Get unified management and more visibility
  • Benefit from superior disaster recovery capabilities
  • Help eliminate shadow-IT at your institution
  • Transition away from disparate environments that make efficient licensing and assurance of security and regulatory compliance extremely difficult.
  • Governmental pricing and volume discounts apply to all GÉANT members and their connected institutions.
  • Oracle enables single-sign-on with institutional accounts via federated access using SAML2 protocol. Oracle’s access management platform is also federated with Microsoft Azure.
  • Oracle offers direct network interconnection, for both public and private peering, with GÉANT.

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