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VENDOR SPONSORED Webinar: How to access Google Cloud from OCRE framework to drive breakthrough research and transform higher education. 23/02/21 14:00 CET

As part of Google’s commitment to supporting pioneering research and higher education globally, Google are proud to announce that Google Cloud services are now available to participants in the OCRE (Open Clouds for Research Environment) framework. Learn how GÉANT member institutions can adopt Google Cloud in their move to cloud and support of breakthrough research as well as student success.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Why Google Cloud is the preferred platform for research and higher education
  • Unique benefits of adopting Google Cloud through the OCRE framework
  • How GÉANT member institutions can procure Google Cloud through our global partner ecosystem
  • Free credits, technical support and training programs available to support researchers, IT staff, faculty and students

Duration: 45 mins

Google Cloud Speakers: Felix Manoharan, Higher Education Program Manager, Jim Levi, Higher Education Account Manager and Katie Berlent, Higher Education Strategy and Operations Lead

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