Resource Library

GÉANT is the one-stop-shop for resources and services to assist NRENs roll out compelling and relevant cloud services and products for users.

Embracing an approach of common strategies that embed standards, best practices and a commitment to full interoperability, our goal is to assist NRENs reach economies of scale brokerage and vendor management and seamless technical and mobile integration.

Our range of guidelines and support materials help NRENs navigate the complex road to cloud services deployment while meeting the needs of the R&E community.

  • Security, privacy and confidentiality
  • Standards for seamless interoperability (no vendor lock-in)
  • Reliability, availability, data location and replication
  • Diverse choice from a large selection of services
  • Economic sustainability
  • Favourable consortium pricing agreements
  • Direct peering
  • Federated Authentication and ID management (AAI)
  • Adaptive payment methods
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