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Fundamental Cloud Security Part 13 – Case Study: Building a Secure Research Environment in AWS

The goal of this post is to present a common case study for building a research environment in AWS.

Building an environment in the cloud involves several topics we need to take under consideration (such as how do I access resources in the cloud, where and how do I store data in the cloud, how do I protect the infrastructure, etc.)

Let’s consider the following architecture:

  • Researchers will connect to the cloud environment remotely over the internet and connect to a Linux machine with data analytics tools
  • Original data sets will be stored using object storage
  • Output data will be processed in a MySQL database
  • Due to data sensitivity, data must be protected at all times

In the following sections we will break-down the research team requirements to best practices using built-in AWS services:


  • For the base OS image, we will use the most up-to-date Linux AMI, which contains the latest security patches
  • After deploying the VM, we will install the latest build of our analytics tools and development interpreters (such as Python)
  • Once the image is fully installed, we will deploy Amazon Inspector, and in-order to make sure the image is being assessed for security vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

Example of a possible solution can be seen here:

Network connectivity

  • Access to the cloud environment remotely will be done using AWS Client VPN
  • All resources will be located in a single Amazon VPC, but the Linux VM and the MySQL database will be located in separate subnets
  • The Linux VM will be located in a DMZ subnet, and access to this subnet will be protected using Amazon security groups, for VPN authenticated clients on port 22 TCP
  • The database will be located in DB subnet, and access to this subnet will be protected using a DB security group, with access to MySQL port from the DMZ subnet only
  • Further explanation about security groups can be found here:






In this post, I’ve explained how to use AWS services in-order to build and maintain a secured research environment, while keeping sensitive data secure and following all research requirements specified at the beginning of the post.

About the author

Eyal Estrin, cloud architect.

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