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Trusted Research Environments (TREs) and Cost Management in the Cloud – Insights from the EUNIS-GÉANT Joint Cloud Workshop

GÉANT and EUNIS (European University Information Systems) recently collaborated in an online workshop, bringing together NRENs and universities to exchange insights on Trusted Research Environments (TREs) and Cloud Cost Management. This joint effort aims to explore shared challenges, leveraging EUNIS’s focus on high-level requirements and GÉANT and NRENs’ ability to build solutions. The collaboration ensures an efficient and insightful exploration of innovative solutions, saving time and resources in addressing common issues faced by the research and education community. Maria Ristkok (co-leader of the GÉANT Cloud Team) and Denise Dittrich (leader of the EUNIS Special Interest Group on Cloud Management) set the stage by...

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Micromail Ltd

Our priority is providing solutions, not licenses

We’ve been helping companies navigate their software journeys for over 30 years. The landscape changes but our focus on client outcomes remains stubbornly the same.

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Securely develop and deliver solutions in Microsoft Azure with Bechtle clouds
The OCRE project was launched by the pan-European organisation GÉANT with the aim of accelerating the adoption of cloud services within the European research community. With framework agreements, we ensure that companies and institutions in 40 European countries can switch to the cloud without much effort.

Cloud solutions for education
We help you transform your mindset so you can reshape the learning experience you provide.

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Enhance your cloud capability with Microsoft Azure
From January 2021, Phoenix Software will be providing Microsoft Azure cloud services to research institutions, universities and NREN members in the UK through the OCRE framework.

Enabling innovation for education and research institutes
By working with OCRE, we will accelerate cloud adoption and enhance capabilities in the education and research community. This page will be regularly updated with all the latest news and events that will help you find all the information you need about OCRE and the advantages of procuring Microsoft Azure services through the OCRE framework.

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Educational systems and higher learning institutions require IT solutions that can quickly flex and adapt to continually changing needs. To best facilitate learning, these systems must function within agile networks and maintain high levels of data security – all without surpassing defined budgets. SoftwareONE is the market’s leading global software, cloud, and solution provider for educational institutions worldwide. Many of the best recognised higher education and research institutions, school districts, and schools at all levels rely on our services to implement cutting-edge cloud, procurement, security and compliance solutions. Trust SoftwareONE to guide your institution through the entire digital transformation process – regardless of...

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