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GÉANT and The Commons Conservancy foundation pilot the transition of eduMEET web-conferencing platform to community-financed open-source

GÉANT and The Commons Conservancy have joined forces to pilot the open-source, web-based videoconferencing (VC) solution, eduMEET. This software enables institutions to build a low-cost, easy to use VC platform for one-to-one or multiple-user conferences. A cost-effective, more secure alternative to commercial solutions, eduMEET is easy to run without the need to install any additional clients or plugins. Amsterdam, Netherlands 4 May 2023 – One of the primary objectives of the GÉANT GN5-1 project’s above-the-net (network) efforts is to establish a legal-administrative framework and software governance to support community financing for the spinoff of the eduMEET platform proof of concept. Within the scope of this objective, a...

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