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University of the Aegean developed Fire App to help fight wildfires with data

When wildfires strike, all eyes turn to the clouds, hoping for a downpour that will quench the flames. Now, wildfire prevention teams on the Greek island of Lesvos are looking to a different kind of cloud for help, thanks to the VENUS-C Fire application and the computing power of Microsoft Azure.

Developed by the Geography of Natural Disasters Laboratory at the University of Aegean in Greece, the Fire app is designed to calculate and visualize the risk of wildfire ignition and to simulate fire propagation. The end users are primarily emergency responders, including the fire service, fire departments, and civil protection agencies that address wildfires on the island of Lesvos.

All of the Fire app’s data is stored in the cloud via Windows Azure. And a lot of data it is, including information on topography, vegetation, weather patterns, and past fire patterns. This is “big data,” and crunching it requires the computing power of a large cloud infrastructure, such as Windows Azure.

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