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University Transforms Life Sciences Research with Big Data Solution

DNA sequencing analysis can lead to medical and pharmaceutical breakthroughs, but it requires supercomputing resources and Big Data storage that many researchers lack. Through a grant provided by the National Science Foundation and Microsoft, computer scientists at Virginia Tech developed an on-demand, cloud-computing model using the Microsoft Azure HDInsight Service. Researchers now have easier, cost-effective access to DNA sequencing tools and resources, which could lead to faster advancements in medical research.

Security – 20 years of experience and expertise

  • Largest global footprint of data centers in the industry.
  • Security – the server farms have 3 layers of physical security.
  • Institutions get their encryption key so Microsoft does not keep it.
  • Find out more about Azure Trust Center.
“Life scientists and their institutions no longer have to find millions of dollars to establish their own supercomputing center.” 
Wu Feng: Professor of Computer Science,Virginia Tech

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