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GÉANT Infoshare: eduMEET

The eduMEET videoconferencing platform will be the topic of the upcoming GÉANT community cloud infoshares on Wednesday, 10 February 2021 at 14:00-15:30 CET.

eduMEET is a WebRTC web-conferencing platform, designed and developed within GÉANT project. The platform was developed by the R&E community for the R&E community to enable NRENs and institutions to build low-cost, easy-to-use video conferencing platforms. Due to its open source foundation, eduMEET is also accessible to developers and integrators who wish to build on its capabilities or incorporate it within other more integrated solutions, such as learning management systems and e-learning tools.

The infoshare presentations and demos will highlight eduMEET’s advantages to NRENs and the project community.

Real-life uses cases will be presented via the eduMEET Demo Service (

The infoshare will provide an opportunity gather community input on future developments.

For more information on the platform, please visit:

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