Past Events & Recordings

Security in the Cloud: Online Workshop for NRENS 30 June 2020

Secure Data Network Digital Cloud Computing Cyber Security Concept. Earth Element Furnished by Nasa

Academia remains cautious about security in adopting cloud computing models. Putting data on someone’s public storage or running software on someone else’s CPU can trigger fears of data loss, phishing, botnet and more.

On June 30, 2020, the Cloud Team hosted an online workshop featuring high-level presentations, demos and discussion on techniques to address the security concerns of NRENs and institutions.

Fifty 50 participants from all across the world joined via Zoom for presentations on the Fundamental of Cloud Security, by Eyal Estrin, Security Baseline for NRENs, by Michael Schmidt, and a Cloud Security Checklist and the Data Classification Tool, by Slavko Gajin.







Participants of the workshop with a password can view the presentations here.

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