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Lamaro – Cloud-based educational e-library solution

Inteligo is a white-label cloud-based educational e-library solution that can be incorporated in every institution to offer students and faculty. Within this service it is possible to store and maintain complete libraries of  ePub compatible digital materials. Institutions can provide free access to educational materials and further manage student access while attending or after they leave courses. Students can also access libraries through a mobile app at the institution on a BYOD basis. The service also manages DRM (Digital rights management) and provides additional content security.

All services through GÉANTare provided exclusively inside EU. All data, including private data, will remain and be managed from within EU. Service has already been discounted through the GÉANT offer and it can be further discounted with cumulative discounts for aggregated usage on the European level. This is a unique feature available only through this special GÉANT offer.

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