As part of the education and outreach services GÉANT offer to the research and education community, a range of vendor and project showcases have been created. These are listed below.

  The webinar took place on 30th November 2017 watch the video here Presenter: Karl Podesta Azure Big Compute Technical
In this showcase, Cisco will focus on the Cisco technology that sits behind the IaaS offerings of several outstanding IaaS
As a consumer of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, you may think that the underlying technology does not matter anymore. Copy of Presentation How
Reinventing Telcos for the cloud is one of the 6 pillars of Nokia’s Technology vision 2020. Copy of Presentation Nokia_Telco_Cloud_Executive_Presentation
RENATER presented the latest news on the Rendez-vous pilot service. Copy of Presentation SA7-RENDEZ-VOUS- 4th SHOWCASE Click below for video
GRNET presented an overview of their easy to use, customer focused, provisioning engine for the ~Okeanos service. Copy of Presentation
The SWITCH cloud team presented an overview of how the Swiss NREN have developed an OpenStack cloud platform for their
Cloud and online application services are in demand and GN4 SA7 is helping NRENs to deliver these to the European
A key requirement of the GÉANT Framework Agreements on IaaS services is for Cloud providers to support SAML for authentication