AWS and Kaltura providing support for Universities

Amazon understands that having school children and university students at home, online and video learning may be key as this crisis continues. Amazon is helping by providing video conferencing software and work with education technology providers to allow teachers to deliver lessons and content via the internet effectively and at scale.

Amazon understands that this is a time of crisis, and doesn’t want to create a distraction, but is listening to what the education institutions needs are, and are responding in the following priority areas:

  • The need to accelerate investigations on digital and online methodologies to support learning at the education institutions.
  • The need to streamline and enhance communication
  • The need to improve systems capacity and resilience

Amazon believes they can help. In recent days, they have deployed people and technology to support the Italian government to enable remote learning and home working, both in the public sector and for SMEs.  Amazon are working with the World Health Organization (WHO) to activate large scale compute power to bring analysis to tract the virus and better contain its spread.

 As the global education community responds to the implications of COVID-19, AWS and Kaltura have partnered to offer an easy-to-use Virtual Classroom solution for students and professors. The Kaltura Virtual Classroom doesn’t require installation and is easy to use, with features like online quizzing, files and recording management, break out rooms, student engagement tracking tools, advanced analytics and more.  You can create and set-up your free account within just a few clicks, and be up and running within minutes.

Kaltura’s video solutions are used by millions of students in hundreds of educational institutions and schools around the world, including Harvard, Pearson, K12, NYU, Ministry of Education in Israel and many others. A quick overview video can be found here,

Learn more and start for FREE here

In addition to this, AWS is available immediately to engage our technologist and leaders to work with the relevant NRENs or agencies to develop and deploy the tools required in this emergency.

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