Accelerate your business, automate your infrastructure

The OVHcloud Public Cloud offers you a large number of cloud solutions that are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Our solutions are set up in a simple way to support you with your projects — harness the flexibility of on-demand resources to scale up from small projects to large-scale deployments.

Managed Kubernetes Service | Orchestrate your containerised applications with a CNCF-certified Kubernetes cluster

IOPS | Get ultra-fast IOPS, with NVMe drives specially designed for databases and big data applications

Managed Private Registry | Manage a repository for your software building blocks, in the form of Docker images or Helm charts

High Perf Object Storage | Enjoy unlimited on-demand storage, accessible via S3 API.

OVHcloud is available to Research and Education in these countries

Ready to Go?

Before institutions can take advantage of the GÉANT 2020 Cloud Framework by OCRE, they need to be verified by their local NREN. Please complete the verification form.

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