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VENDOR SPONSORED: Webinar – CloudFerro: Move to CREODIAS to make your work with EO data more efficient 16/11/2022

November 16, 2022


Join the webinar to learn more about CREODIAS – one of the European DIAS (Data and Information Access Services) platforms, aimed at facilitating access to satellite data and ensuring the possibility of its processing in the cloud, as well as the creation of its own applications and services.

CREODIAS is a platform that hosts some of the largest Copernicus Earth Observation data projects. Our customers can continue their projects with confidence about the stability and continuation of the service.

Business continuity of service delivery is the most important factor when choosing a supplier of EO data and cloud computing resources. As the most preferred provider of Earth Observation data (incl. Copernicus Sentinel data) combined with cloud services, CREODIAS provides uninterrupted access to satellite imagery as well as cloud resources where you can safely host your research and scientific projects.

Webinar agenda:
1. Introduction to CREODIAS – Marcin Bialecki, EO Product Manager
2. A use case on derivation of vegetation indices from Sentinel-2 imagery – Dr Jan Musial, Senior Data Scientist
3. Tips & tricks based on FAQs to CREODIAS technical support – Marcin Gil, Customer Support Manager
4. Q&A session

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