~okeanos is an Infrastructure as a Service platform is developed and operated by GRNET (Greek NREN). It is powered by an open source software stack called Synnefo (http://www.synnefo.org), which implements an OpenStack-compatible API on top of the Google Ganeti cluster management system (http://code.google.com/p/ganeti). In operation for several years, ~okeanos has spawned over 500,000 VMs with more than 5,000 active on any given day. Its main users are students, researchers and academics in Greece, while users from across the globe have downloaded and installed Synnefo on their premises.

~okeanos is under constant development. In 2016 the team developed a PaaS solution called Orka that offers Hadoop and Spark clusters on demand on top of ~okeanos for users who wish to handle big data without having to deal with details of Hadoop installations.

~okeanos is available via federated login to the global R&E community.


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