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IT-Lab: Is it possible to move the university data centre to the cloud?

Why the cloud?

In a collaboration with the University of Agder, UNINETTs HE Cloud initiative (UH-sky) is exploring the possibility of moving all, or part of, the University data centre into the cloud, while maintaining robust and flexible service delivery within the University.

Review process

Different cloud solutions like IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are being considered, and existing services are reviewed to determine whether they are suited for an IaaS platform, replaced by a SaaS service or should be kept on-premise for now. The University of Agder has taken a cautious approach, to be able to do cost comparison between existing and future cloud based solutions.

  • IT-lab is an interesting project with the purpose of exploring whether we can move all, or part of, our data centre into the cloud, says head engineer Lars Nesland at the University of Agder. – Still, the most important part is to find out how this is done in a functional way with little administrative overhead, and to expand our competence within the area.

Next steps

The pilot project will be reviewed, and plans made for further work.

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