Success Stories: GÉANT Cloud Services in Conjunction with OCRE

OCRE Success Story: Decentralized Machine Learning Control of Drone Swarms

Thanks to commercial cloud resources procured via OCRE project adoption funding, researchers at Univerzitet Singidunum in Serbia (in collaboration with Univesidade Lusófona, Portugal) are developing algorithmic solutions for autonomous swarms of drones, enabling them to safely perform complex tasks in unknown environments using on-board sensors and inter-drone communication.

The possible applications of this technology are many, including prevention and assistance with natural disasters, inspection and maintenance of industrial infrastructure, assistance with search and rescue operations.

OCRE Cloud Adoption Funding for Research allowed the project to access to the specialised computing resources required to perform complex and computationally heavy processing when dealing with complex CPS including training of the algorithms and the compute heavy simulations of real-life environments.

Read the full success story on the OCRE website:

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