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Cloud Management Tools Workshop with EUNIS

NREN cloud managers joined the EUNIS Cloud Community Group for an online workshop on October 29, 2021. EUNIS is the European University Information Systems organization whose aim is to assist their members develop their IT landscape by sharing experiences and working together.

The workshop brought together the mutual communities of users and experts in higher education and research for a discussion on how members of the GÉANT cloud forum and EUNIS members can benefit from each other’s activities through EU procurements, OCRE/Iaas+ usage, multi-cloud management and data classification.

Topics included:

  • The benefits of the GÉANT Cloud Collaboration of aggregated discounts and standards-based interoperability for national cloud capabilities
  • An overview of eduMEET, the GÉANT video-conferencing system for research, education and art communities
  • The GÉANT Cloud Flow Platform for defining and implementing cloud-based compute resources and workflows in a single, unified and easy-to-use dashboard

There was a lively exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, Q&As, and discussion on the benefits and challenges of deploying cloud-based services from an organisational, technical and managerial perspective.

A program is already being planned for 2022 based on the success  of this initial workshop.

NREN Cloud Service Delivery Managers can can review the presentations here.

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