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Paldesk – Brighter Interactions


Paldesk is an omnichannel communication solution that helps institutions interact with customers better, faster and in a more personalised way. Paldesk helps keep all customer conversations in one place. Paldesk makes it possible to switch between chat, e-mail, ticketing, and social media and offers impeccable customer support any time and any place. Users can fully customise entire communication ecosystems and connect to all major platforms and social media sources, and provides advanced overview and statistics so managers have an accurate picture of support systems at a glance.

All services through GÉANT are provided exclusively inside the EU until 6 December 2024. All data, including private data, will remain and be managed from within the EU. The service has already been discounted through the GÉANT offer, and it can be further discounted with cumulative discounts for aggregated usage on the European level. This is a unique feature available only through this special GÉANT offer.

Paldesk - Brighter Interactions

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