Cloud News from the R&E Community

The GÉANT Cloud activity will be present at the TNC18 Networking Conference in Trondheim, Norway in June. The cloud task
On February 14, 2018 the first meeting of the Inter-University Cloud Forum was held at IUCC. IT staff from Israel’s
Why the cloud? QQi needed to improve a vital, mission-critical legacy application that was operating on outdated hardware, inefficient software
Amazon Web Services has committed to making it easier for scientists to use its cloud storage, computing, and database services
  The webinar took place on 30th November 2017 watch the video here Presenter: Karl Podesta Azure Big Compute Technical
GÉANT have announced a successful multi-year partnership with Microsoft to make powerful cloud computing environments more accessible to research and
The Dutch NREN SURF, has made a presentation video for SURFcumulus, their HE hybrid IaaS solution, that can be seen
Many questions need to be addressed in relation to various aspects of cloud applications: strategy, procurement, migration, integration, organisational changes,
Infrastructure as a Service, short IaaS, is a cloud computing solution that enables access to high performance computing resources in
Microsoft joins Géant's bid to create a cost-effective and accessible cloud procurement hub for Europe's education and research community. Read
GÉANT today announced the latest achievement in a successful multi-year partnership with Microsoft to make powerful cloud computing environments more
Around 90 participants at the second Higher Education Cloud Day recently gained insights into new developments in the cloud industry.
SWITCH has offered cloud-based infrastructure services with data storage in Switzerland since 2015 under the name SWITCHengines. It is now
GÉANT ensures easy consumption of IaaS cloud services across European research and education community Over the past year, GÉANT has
Over the past year, GÉANT has conducted a joint pan-European tender for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings: a collective invitation to providers,
Sparkle, Telecom Italia Group's international operator, has announced an agreement to provide cloud services to the European Research and Education
TIM’s Sparkle has signed a framework agreement to provide cloud services from European research and development network Géant in 30
London/Amsterdam – 11 May, 2017 GÉANT, Europe’s leading collaboration on network and related e-infrastructure and services for the benefit of
The team working on the Pan-European procurement of IaaS services for European NRENs and their institutions met in Trondheim on the
GÉANT has signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft to act as network connectivity provider for Microsoft’s Azure ExpressRoutes service. This